Google Maps Adds Multiple Destination Support

Google Maps has added support for multiple destinations! No more limitation to point-to-point routing. If you want to see the World’s Largest Ball of Twine on the way to the Grand Canyon, Google Maps can point the way.

One thing to note - it takes your destinations in the order in which you give them. In other words, no traveling salesman. And routing is still not available through the Google Maps API. If those two things were added to Google Maps, I could take our copy of RouteMapIMS (a good ESRI product by the way) and toss it out of my office window. If I had a window. I’m in a basement.*

I’ve been itching to roll out something with Google Maps, but I’ve yet to have a project that doesn’t have some requirement necessitating MapServer or the like. I’m keeping my eyes peeled though.

This is actually better than it sounds. I’m not distracted by things like light or vitamin D, and its subterranean nature keeps it warm during the winter months.*

Of course, another possible explanation for the warm temperature in the basement is its relatively closer proximity to hell.*

***Or whatever version of Dante’s Easy-Bake you subscribe to.