Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

As the PC Newsletter ends its second year of publication and begins to creep up on 100 (!) articles, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for all their ideas, encouragement, and support. I’ve been quite astonished (often alarmed) at the number and diversity of people that have written to me about things I’ve posted. What started out as an easier way to distribute an internal newsletter has grown to the extent that I’m starting to spell-check some of these posts. Not all, but some.

This blog started out as a simple monthly email to a group of ~8 programmers in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina’s GIS program as I fulfilled my occupational obligation to investigate and test new technology, spread knowledge, and generally pester my patiently indulgent teammates into trying new things. I didn’t imagine moving it to a blog would foster increased readership. Your lazy scribe was simply trying to find a lazier way to distribute new articles and make the old ones more accessible. Who knew?

Occasionally I venture into the realm of sarcasm and opinion, and I humbly beg forgiveness to any I’ve offended, am currently offending, and will offend in the future. I must assure you that it’s through sheer luck that all my opinions thus far have been unerringly correct, and, despite rumors to the contrary, I am not very smart. Still, I will press on with the PC News as best I can, and hopefully you will pick up a nugget or two of useful information along the way.

Again, my sincerest thanks and best wishes for a happy holiday season!

- The PC

In my opinion.