Mecklenburg County and UNCC Partner to Create 3D Model

Mecklenburg County and the Visualization Center of UNC Charlotte have partnered to develop a 3D model of Uptown Charlotte.

Using a variety of data sources such as building plans (paper - ugh), LIDAR data, oblique photography, and other sources, a 3D model of the downtown Charlotte area was created using a variety of different software packages, from traditional GIS software to dedicated 3D modeling software like MAYA.

This is a collaborative project with UNC Charlotte professors and students, and it is starting to turn out some fantastic results. Below is a couple of sample buildings in the downtown area, and I think you can see some of the amazing detail that is being captured.

We’re working on a number of details, like the best ways to get the model ported to software like Google Earth. In the mean time, kudos to the folks at UNC Charlotte for all of their hard work!