Google Tech Talks

I recently stumbled across this in Miro’s (formerly Democracy Player) channel guide.

Google hosts a series of Tech Talks on their campus, and, being Google, they get in some great presentations and presenters going over a broad range of topics. I’ve checked out presentations ranging from test automation, code generation with Ruby, and application interface design, to managing large volumes of email and finding sustainable happiness. One of my favorites is Everything is Miscellaneous, which is a great presentation on taxonomy (believe it or not).

They also have separate channels for authors and miscellaneous presentations which I haven’t checked out, but the authors they have are pretty big names. Check it out at Videos from the Googleplex. When you click on one of the “See more” links, the list will have a RSS feed if you want to automatically grab new videos with your feed reader.

Speaking of which, Miro is a great audio/video feed reader if you are looking for one. It was formerly Democracy Player, and it has gotten a lot better in terms of performance and stability (though it is still pre-release).