Florida State Offers Free Open Source GIS Courses

Florida State University is offering some free (as in beer) FOSS GIS courses. Courses include uDig, Quantum GIS, MapWindow, and others, with more courses available in the spring. It requires registration, but it’s free.

Unfortunately it looks like the Fall stuff is either booked or has already started, so you can’t sign up for anything at the moment. Hopefully they’ll offer enrollment for the spring in the next few months.

Another cool note about the site is it runs on Moodle. Moodle is a FOSS course management system designed to “help educators create effective online learning communities.” I’d heard about the project, but I hadn’t actually been to a Moodle site. Cool beans. If you’re an educator and you’re looking for some course management software or a way to distribute online courseware, you might want to take a peak at Moodle.

I ran across this story in the great Free Geography Tools blog.