GE-Census Explorer

I picked up this tidbit on Free Geography Tools.

GE-Census Explorer is a small Windows application that streams Census data to Google Earth. It shows base Census 2000 data, from the state level all the way down to the block level. What does it do? From the web site:

  • Boundaries (states/counties/tracks etc) color coded according to a Census variable

  • 3D boundary shapes, Bars and Pie charts

  • Statistics, Histograms, Scatterplots

  • Save datasets (KML, KMZ, CSV, DBF, Shapefile)

GE-Census 1 GE-Census 2

It’s a pretty impressive visualization application. It is still in beta (I got an error warning or two, though it kept on trucking), but it’s a really handy app for visualizing Census data.

You can download GE-Census here. No installation is necessary - just unzip the file and run GECensus.exe.