FOSS4G 2007 Conference Presentations Online

FOSS4G is the Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial conference. The conference “gathers developers and users of open source geo-spatial software from
around the world to discuss new directions, exciting implementations,
and growing business opportunities in the field of open source
geo-spatial software”, and is put on by OSGeo. It’s the O’Reilly Open Source Convention of the FOSS GIS world.

Unfortunately yours truly was unable to make the conference this year. Come to think of it, yours truly has never made it to the conference. Next year’s location in South Africa is unlikely to change that fact. Sigh.

In any event, being a FOSS conference, of course they put all of the conference presentation materials online. You can get to them here. I’ve been perusing a number of them and there’s a log of great information. If you’re interested in FOSS, GIS, or any combination of the two, I highly encourage you to take a look.

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