Grab Some Icons for Web Maps

I was recently stalking some decent icons to use with one of my web mapping projects, and I ran across a resource I thought I’d share.

Mapki is a wiki that “is meant to be a forum for sharing ideas, implementations, and help for the Google Maps API.” I’ve been browsing around it and there’s a lot of great stuff on there, but what drew me there was its Icon Image Sets page.

This page has links to all kinds of great map icon sets and resources. In particular, the mapicon Factory lets you make your own custom, snazzy map icons. There’s a subscription fee if you want to use all the features, but the free stuff gave me everything I needed.

If you’re looking for some links to snazzy web map icons (or if you’re suffering with default icons that ship with OpenLayers), the aforementioned link is a great place to start.