ArcGIS 9.3 SP1 is Out

From the bug-squashing department, ArcGIS 9.3 SP1 is out. Everybody probably knows about this already (it seems like every other entry in Google Reader is assaulting me with this news the last few days), but one does not blog on useful information alone.

For a gory look at all of the fixes, check out this page. On a lark I searched for the word “crash” and found it appeared 24 times. On the one hand, it’s great ESRI is pushing out more frequent service packs to fix these bugs. On the other hand, holy crap. cough open source cough…..

This service pack also introduces a number of new features, which you can read about here (pdf). There are some real goodies in this service pack. You can export to PDF with the new geospatial functions found in Adobe Reader 9 supported. This is worth the 90+ MB download by itself. Overview maps in web applications can be made static, saving a little rendering time, and ArcGIS Mobile gets support for PostgreSQL database editing. Plus some other things that should be titled “made suck less”, such as Java and .NET ADF performance improvements.

I’ve installed the service pack for Desktop and have yet to see any problems.