SketchUp 7 Released and Native Flash 64bit on Linux

First, in the department-cubed department, Google SketchUp 7 has been released.

Google SketchUp is 3D modeling software with spatial overtones. It’s probably the easiest tool out there for making detailed 3D models for integration with things like Google Earth. I’d call it a 3D modeling tool for people who find other 3D modeling tools make them want to curl into a fetal position.*

Most of the changes with 7 revolve around ease of use and collaboration. Changes include:

  • Crossing lines break automatically. About time.
  • Scale without stretching.
  • There are the beginnings of some object intelligence - changing a property of a dynamic component and the component will follow suit. Users of the Pro ($~500) version get lots of nice stuff here. The rest of us get a sample.
  • Built in search of the 3D Warehouse.
  • Tag models with your Wing Commander callsign and Google's credit system will keep track of what you're using from others and what others are using from you.
If you're a SketchUp user, go grab it.

Second, from the nobody-cares-but-me department, Adobe has released a native 64bit Flash Player for Linux.

Wait, you wail planetively. Where’s my 64bit client for Windows? What about my uber-hip latte-drinking iMac?

Sorry kids. Adobe hasn’t released one for you. It’s only for Linux. So sad. Hey, maybe next year?


For those of you that aren’t Linux users**, this makes do a happy dance for two reasons:

  • I'm rocking 64bit Ubuntu 8.10 at home, and having my browser run 32bit nspluginwrapper for Flash is displeasing for all kinds of reasons, performance and stability being right at the top.
  • As a Linux user, I'm almost always on the other end of this equation. It takes a big man not to gloat when the tables are turned. I am not a big man.
Although they list it as a test release, I haven't had any problems with it at all. If you're running Ubuntu 64bit, there are good directions here on purging your old 32bit Flash install/nspluginwrapper and getting the new client up and running.

I’m looking at you Blender.
*I’m looking at you…..almost everybody.