Internet Explorer 9 Previewed at MIX10

Microsoft has given us another sneak peak at Internet Explorer 9 at their MIX10 web designer and developer conference. Among the highlights (sources: Ars, Download Squad):

  • Better standards support, with a ACID 3 score of 55/100 (up from IE8's 20/100). That's better, but hopefully this will improve as development continues. The other guys are generally in the 90-100/100 range.
  • Faster JavaScript, doubling the speed of IE8 (but still 1/3 the speed of Chrome and Opera and 1/2 the speed of Firefox per Download Squad's benchmark). The JavaScript engine can take advantage of multiple cores.
  • SVG support (huyah!). It's limited at this point but growing. That would be big.
  • Video tag support. Did not see that coming.
  • GPU accelerated page rendering. It can play HD video smoothly.
If there's something I wish they were looking at for IE9 that they haven't hit on, I can't think of it. The only downer is a lack of release date (they won't even project a release year). Since they tend to time IE releases with OS releases and Windows 7 just came out, it could be a long wait.

I’m not looking for IE9 to compete for the attention of savy web users. I just want it to not suck for people that don’t know any better. And from what they’re showing now, there’s a solid chance it won’t suck.