Make Smarter - Geo at Google I/O, Web Development Screencasts

First up in this month’s make smarter comes via the Google Geo Developers Blog and links to 9 different geo related presentations from Google I/O, including porting applications from the Google Maps API v2 to v3, tips and tricks for the Google Earth API and KML, and SketchUp. Great talks from the people that wrote the software.

Next on the list is a roundup of web development screencasts and presentations by nettus+. Videos include choosing the right CSS framework and ASP.NET from scratch. While I’m on the nettuts+ band wagon, check out their great Google Charts tutorial and mobletuts+ for HTML5 Geolocation.

If you’re into Linux, the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit has put a number of keynote videos online, ranging from a Moblin MeeGo talk to building communities.

I linked to a great TED Talk on this subject a while back, but here’s another take (via Linuxologist) - The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. In particular it (briefly) outlines how what motivates us leads to the success of open source software. More than anything I’m motivated to learn how to draw like that.

And finally, if you want to know if a particular browser supports a particular feature, whether HTML5 or CSS3 or the like, When can I use is a great resource. I’ll give you your first answer for free - no, Internet Explorer doesn’t support that.