Atlas Had a Lot of Time on His Hands

Via Downloadsquad, check this out:

Apparently somebody likes Ayn Rand so much he stuck a GPS unit in his car and drove 12,328 miles to “draw” Read Ayn Rand. You might have to drive 12,328 miles to get through the audiobook version of Atlas Shrugged. You can press on each letter on the web site to get more information about Objectivism and the trip.

Whatever you think of the content (Rand has always been controversial), you have to admire the tenacity and dedication involved. Speaking of the content…

I didn’t read all of Atlas Shrugged - I think I stopped around page 7,351 (Chapter 2) and decided reading the Wikipedia article would be more…ah, efficient. I would recommend it only to masochists; putting the length and philosophy aside, the writing would make a high school English teacher jump in front of a truck.

Objectivism itself is wrong in the more ordinary sense. At its core is a fundamental misunderstanding of what motivates people (in all fairness Rand wrote this before ~40 years of science on the matter and was reacting to fears of communism at the time). It also has no concept of “commons” or “tragedy of” or any combination of those terms. But at least it is wrong briefly.