Ode to My New Hardware

It’s amazing how much computing power you can bring to bear on the cheap these days. On my home workstation I tossed out an older AMD AM2 dual core and dropped in an Intel Core i5 750 (which also entailed dropping in a new motherboard and DDR3 RAM). Less than $400 in upgrades all told, and the results…well, see for yourself.

AsRock P55 Pro
Intel i5 750
Intel X-25 40GB SSD /
250GB standard drive /home
Ubuntu Maverick 10.10

That’s with no overclocking (and this processor and motherboard are begging me to overclock them). Once the bios posts, you’ll only be waiting ~10 seconds until the login screen hits you in the face.

On another note, Ubuntu 10.10 is really, really good. Although I try lots of distros, I’ve been using Ubuntu as my main desktop since Breezy, so I’m not exactly an unbiased source. But in my opinion, Ubuntu 10.10 is the best desktop linux distro I’ve ever tried. Everything is polished, and everything just works.