Some Halloween Fun

Boo! Here are a few links for some Halloween fun.

  • Ghost Logs lets you report all of your supernatural happenings and displays the location of all the recorded events in Google Maps. Alas, Charlotte is so dull even the undead have better places to be.
  • If you're out west, check out this map of ghost towns from Ghost Town Gallery. I went to a few ghost towns when I lived in Arizona. I didn't see any apparitions, but they are creepy.
  • For the best/creepiest use of Google Maps, check out Ghosttag, which has a custom styled map of ghost sightings in Singapore, complete with screen flickers and heavy breathing.
  • The only real scary part of this site is the web design, but it's still pretty neat. You can control this guy's Halloween lights and inflatables over the web while viewing his web cams. He has a map showing all the different places his lights have been controlled from.

Happy Halloween!