Visualizing Wikileaks Mirrors in Google Earth

Via Reddit, has mapped all of the Wikileaks mirrors and made them available as KML files, including as lines connecting the mirror locations to the original source, as well as points with and without labels. He goes into a (very) high level overview of how he did it - scraping the mirror locations from the main Wikileaks site, confirming the sites were active, using a geo IP looks service to locate them, and then converting the results to KML.

To quote Cash, I've been everywhere.

Whether you think of Wikileaks as a cabal of heroes or villains*, it’s a cool exercise, and hopefully it’ll help government understand this fundamental fact: once something is on the web, it will never, ever, go away.

*My 5 cents: You won’t find anything being said about Wikileaks that wasn’t said about the Pentagon Papers, and even the most far-right conservative would have a hard time arguing today that the release of those papers was a bad thing for the country. Daniel Elisberg, who leaked the Pentagon Papers in 1971, has come out in support of Wikileaks.