Make Smarter - jQuery Fundamentals, Mobile Best Practices, Turbo Gedit

First up in this month’s make smarter is something near and dear to my heart - Gedit. I split my development time between a text editor and an IDE (Komodo Edit) about 50/50. On Windows that text editor is Notepad++, and on Linux it’s Gedit. Make Tech Easier has a great post on Transforming Gedit into a Web Developer IDE. I had done some of this stuff already, but I hadn’t seen gedit-Gmate, the clientside plugin, or added extra tag lists. Follow all the steps and it’ll turn Gedit into a powerhouse.

Are you looking for an introduction to JavaScript and jQuery? Here’s a great one by Damian Edwards. It covers JavaScript fundamentals as well as jQuery, so it’s a great introduction for the novice and a good refresher for the experienced.

Fundamentals for Great jQuery Development from Marakana on Vimeo.

The Tuts+ family of sites had some great tutorials and a presentation since the last make smarter. webdesign tuts+ has a great article on Color Theory for Web Designers, net tuts+ posted a video on Design for Developers from DjangoCon and a tutorial on creating paper with CSS. The latter has some really interesting uses of gradients and box shadows with large values to simulate imperfect paper edges.

And now a few parting shots: