The Only Way to Kill a Project

I do hate steam launches: I suppose every rowing man does. I never see a steam launch but I feel I should like to lure it to a lonely part of the river, and there, in the silence and the solitude, strangle it.

Three Men in a Boat, Jerome K. Jerome

It may seem illogical for someone in software development, but there’s little I enjoy more than taking one of my projects out back and shooting it. It’s like that magic, fleeting instant between cutting the water off on the shower and stepping out onto the cold, cat-fur encrusted bath mat.

I was recently given the opportunity to kill an internal project born of good intentions and bad ideas, a project whose moniker could have been It’s like Excel…but harder. I had such a good time murdering it, I thought I’d share what folks see when they hit the old site:

The Only Way to Kill a ProjectRIP Project Tracking System. Should have known you were goners when that house fell on your sister.