Make Smarter - NC GIS Conference, jQuery Templates, Inception Scene with Blender

First up in this month’s Make Smarter is the 2011 NC GIS Conference, coming up later this week. Workshops are on Wednesday, and the conference proper starts on Thursday. It’s an outstanding conference - if you’re in the area, don’t miss it. There’s a FOSS meet/drink-up being put together by Julia Harrell – head to geoglobaldomination for details!

I ran across all kinds of jQuery tutorials this past month. These two videos cover jQuery performance tricks and the new templating extension.

jQuery Performance Tips And Tricks 2011 - Addy Osmani from Addy Osmani on Vimeo.

Modern JavaScript Development: Boris Moore on jQuery Templating from Addy Osmani on Vimeo.

Tack onto that a jQuery Fundamentals ebook and videos of the entire jQuery Conference in Boston. Also make sure you check out the latest jQuery release (1.5) that came out this month. Of particular interest is the new deferred object. In my highly unscientific analysis, 1.5 feels faster.

And now for a few quick hitters: