Metadata Navigator 2.1

Metadata Navigator 2.1. Now with less suck.

Quite a while back I made a tiny metadata viewer that had but a single purpose - show metadata in such a way that I can take ArcIMS Metadata Explorer out back and shoot it. In the face.

It did that, but just. I sank a whopping ~4 hours into it.1 I recently took a look and had to wonder where all the time went. You have to click the Go button, you can’t just hit enter? The search returns as tiny hyperlinks in the sidebar? Really, idiot?

I managed to scrape together a few hours to clean it up a bit. Search is easier, results display better, and I HTML5 Boilerplated the whole thing. I gave it a minimalist style, which my casual perusal of design blogs leads me to believe is an actual thing and not simply lazy.

So, knock yourself out if you’re into that sort of thing - the latest bits are up on Google Code. Patches are always welcome, but before working on anything metadata, I advise setting a timer and removing any sharp objects from your desk.

1 4 hours in real-time. That’s 12 years in metadata-time.