Study Shows IE6 Users Have Low IQ's

Whoops. Looks like I’ve been had. The story appears to be an elaborate hoax. Dang it Internets! I’ll leave this post here as a kind of self-flagellation. They also snookered the BBC, CNN, Forbes, MSNBC, CBS, and a bunch of others. I’ll leave you to ponder the author’s IQ at your leisure.

I can haz stupid?

C’mon. We’ve all suspected this1.

A study by a Vancouver-based psychometric consulting company has found IE6 users have an average IQ score barely over 80. They polled 101,326 people to gather those results, so no, it wasn’t just your cousin Ernie who is still rocking Windows Me when he calls looking for free tech support.

What does an IQ in the 80’s mean? Basically, it’s one notch above borderline deficiency and one notch below normal or average intelligence. Think food assembler or member of congress.

For the record, Chrome and Firefox users weighed in at ~110 IQ points, while both2 Opera users make us all look like drooling idiots by clocking in at over 120.

1 Don’t blame me; it’s science.
2 I’m guessing. Have you ever met an Opera user? I mean…ever?