The True Cost of Commuting

There’s something about walking out my door in the morning and away from my head-slappingly fast PC and bandwidth and cozy office, spending 45+ minutes on the road to wind up in front of an atrociously slow last-last-last-gen laptop with medium-slow bandwidth in a tiny box in an old dilapidated Sears building, and then spending 45+ minutes to get back to my head-slappingly fast PC and bandwidth and cozy office, that shakes my tenuous faith in humanity. And I only commute 3 days a week.

With that in mind, check out this great post by the MMM Blog titled The True Cost of Commuting. After reading it you may find your opinion of commuting transformed from that’s stoopid! to that’s stoopid and expensive! The post was so good Streamline Refinance made this great infographic to go with the MMM Blog’s calculations.

Note: If you are looking at this through Mecklenburg County’s network, the image probably won’t show up. The Network Nannys have blocked the site for your own protection. Go to Lifehacker instead. Heads-down in those cubicles!

Click image to enlarge Cost of Commuting Infographic Via: Streamline Refinance