Make Smarter - Chrome Developer Tools for Speed, What We Don't Know, WebGL, How to Build a Chrome Extension

First up in this month’s make smarter, Paul Irish gives a great talk at Velocity 2011 on using Chrome’s Dev Tools to test your app for speed and performance.

Chris Coyers of CSS Tricks has a great post called What We Don’t Know, going over what we don’t know as web designers and what we need to do because of that. If you develop sites for the web, you should read it at least twice.

There’s not a whole lot to learn on these next two, unless you count having your jaw drop as a learning experience - and I do. If you are using Chrome or Firefox, check out HTML5 Rock’s WebGL Demo Roundup, and if your mind isn’t blown yet, head to Chrome Experiments and check out Dreams of Black. WebGL is going to revolutionize what we can do in browsers.

Finally, Lifehacker has a good introduction to Building a Chrome Extension. If you use Chrome and you have an itch the browser can’t seem to scratch, try building an extension yourself. If you are familiar with HTML and JavaScript, you are ready to get started.