Make Smarter: How to fool a GPS, WebGL, Community Management, CSS Style Guides, and Node.js for Noobs

Todd Humphreys gives a sobering TED Talk on How to fool a GPS. In related news, I am now the Foursquare mayor of everywhere.

WebGL is a browser-based hardware accelerated 3D rendering engine based on OpenGL (see Chrome’s WebGL Experiments), and it’s the future of 3D browser-based mapping. Nettuts+ has a great 3-part series (part 1, part 2) on WebGL Essentials to help you get started.

From OSCON 2012, David Eaves gives a very informative talk on The Science of Open Source Community Management.

Chris Coyer gives a very thorough introduction to CSS Style Guides. This is important stuff. I’d classify having a solid CSS style practice and a good CSS base to start from as the #1 thing to speed up site development.

And finally, another great nettuts+ post, this one on Node.js for Beginners. I’m not sure I’m cool enough for Node, but I’m giving it a shot.