NC GIS 2013 Conference features Douglas Crockford

The 2013 NC GIS Conference on February 7-8 is coming up fast. This is one of the best conferences I go to, regularly drawing 900+ attendees with lots of great speakers from the region and around the country. This is going to be an especially big year for the conference. How big?


Douglas Effin' Crockford

That’s right, the eminent JavaScript guru, developer of JSON and JSLint, author of the best programming book on any language ever - JavaScript: The Good Parts - is giving two talks at the conference. One is an hour long session titled Programming Style and Your Brain, and the other is during a regular 3-presenter session1 titled JavaScript, JSON, and Other Good Parts.

Aside from being a great conference, this is also one of the most affordable conferences you’ll find. Registration before January 16th is only $125, and goes up to $165 after. That’s, like, 4 Starbucks visits and a movie popcorn. It is also in Raleigh NC, and there’s a really good chance you’ve never had a reason to go there before!2

See you there!

1 That session also has a talk by me on HTML5. The idea that I’m giving a presentation in the same session as Crockford makes me simultaneously beam with pride and want to change my underwear, with the latter gaining the upper hand as the conference approaches.

2 Particularly in February. Bring a coat.