Dashboard 2.0 Release (sorta)


The Quality of Life Dasbhard 2.0 has been released!


Our Dashboard won’t be online until May. After blowing (read: so late it was dropped) a test launch and a soft launch and already late on the hard launch, the project partners decided to do a whole different calculation formula that necessitated a whole different set of deliverables. So I’ll be doing more of this until May.


The good news is that calculation is something almost nobody else in the world will care about, so have at it - everything else is done. I moved the dev branch to master, updated the readme, and pushed the old release to a v1 branch. I refactored things to make it so calculation types are pluggable and won’t effect each other, so nothing I do over the next few months should break anything.

I’ll release an updated tutorial video soon. I’ll also be presenting on the Dashboard at the 2015 NC GIS Conference, so if you’re there stop by and say hi.