Dirt-Simple PostGIS HTTP API updates

Ah, free time. I’ve missed you.

I got a question about one of the services in the Dirt-Simple PostGIS HTTP API, which made me look at the source code, which in turn made me go blind for 5 seconds.


This is a normal, healthy reaction. It means I’ve learned things since I last looked at the code. Things like the value in not sucking.

So I just posted some updates. Notably:

  • There’s proper SQL error reporting now. No need to echo that out and run it in a query window to see what’s going on. Or at least not nearly as often.
  • JSON/JSONP writing was sent to its own module, getting rid of a lot of redundancy.
  • I got rid of some hard-coded North Carolina State Plane NAD 83 Feet (cue spittoon noise) SRID’s in a couple of places.
  • Took advantage of Find_SRID to get rid of passing some SRID’s in general.
  • Fixed a bug in the nearest service.
  • Did some general streamlining - each service is a good deal shorter and easier to grok at a glance now.

One of these days I’m going to scoop the brains out of this sucker and move it to Node. PHP is becoming a pain in my ass. But for now, enjoy, and let me know if you spot any bugs.