My own Svelte Rollup template

I’ve been messing about with Svelte, and it’s kinda awesome, except for the part about not having something like Vue CLI. In keeping with the Svelte theme, the Svelte templates for Rollup and Webpack are…svelte. Spartan might be a better word. You get the Svelte, the whole Svelte, and nothing but the Svelte.

I hadn’t realized how spoiled I’d become with the Vue CLI until I tried to make artisanal, hand-crafted build code for the first time in a year. It turns out my gag reflex is still healthy and intact.

But I made a Svelte template with my usual toys, along with some things new, and decided to share it for those that might be huffing similar glue.

  • Rollup
  • Babel
  • PostCSS
  • Tailwind CSS
  • PurgeCSS
  • PWA stuff

You can give it a whirl via:

npx degit tobinbradley/svelte-template svelte-app
cd svelte-app
npm install
npm start

It’s my first time with Rollup, and so far I like it. Configuration feels a bit less hairy than Webpack, and it seems to do everything I need it to.