Dirt v4


DIRT v4 is out!

Dirt, the Dirt Simple PostGIS HTTP API, has reached version 4!

What’s New?

  • Fastify, the engine that makes the engine, has been updated to v4. See all the new goodies here.
  • It’s an actual Release! Usually I just roll with the master branch because I’m a terrible person. Now I’m doing regular versioned releases like a mediocre person.
  • An optional rate limiter. Eat it bots!
  • Breaking Change: no more config.json! Everything is now set via environmental variables through the system, command line, or a .env file. The only variable you have to set is the Postgres connection string - the rest have reasonable defaults. This will ease setup and deployment. See the README for options.

Have fun, and if you run into any issues let me know!